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What is sleep paralysis and how is it related to lucid dream?

April 21, 2017 | By Abhishek | 1 Comment | Filed in: Lucid Dreaming.

Sleep paralysis is a feeling of inability to move, speak, or react, experienced during falling asleep or awakening. In some cases, it is accompanied by frightening hallucinations to which one is unable to react due to paralysis or due to the feeling of strong current flow through the upper body, which is considered under perceived • Read More »

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How to have first lucid dream, its techniques, and experiences

April 20, 2017 | By Abhishek | No Comments | Filed in: Lucid Dreaming.

Lucid dream is a phenomenon in which the dreamer becomes aware that he is dreaming and can influence or control what happens. To know what is lucid dreaming and how to have your first lucid dream, then this article will help you in answering these questions. This article will also take you through the lucid • Read More »

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