Sleep masks for lucid dreaming and meditation

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Rather than spending months on learning how to lucid dream, you can take advantage of sleep masks, which is a great way to start lucid dreaming. This article describes the effect of lucid dreaming mask on the levels of sleep.

Sleep mask and its relationship with lucid dreaming

As you know that lucid dreaming is a state in which you are in a conscious state in you are dreams and can take control of your surroundings to achieve those, which are normally impossible in the real world. Usually, it is time consuming to identify certain behaviors in the waking state which are significantly different from the normal dreams and allow you to know that you are dreaming.

Sleep mask makes this phenomenon simpler and uses flashing red lights instead of habitual actions. Once you enter rapid eye movement portion of sleep during which dreams normally occur, these sleep masks will detect it and start flashing the built-in lights. Due to this process, you will then get diffused into your dreams and will be able to realize that you are dreaming.

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Effect of sleep mask on several levels of sleep

  • Balances your circadian rhythms

When artificial light sources interfere with your body’s natural Circadian rhythms, then you will struggle to wind down to sleep and feel tired even after having a good sleep. You can be subjected to various sources of light such as street lights creeping in around the curtains, continuous light streaming from LED alarm clock, or standby lighting from electronic devices in the bedroom.

Sleep masks are capable of blocking all these light sources by signaling the photosensitive receptor cells in your eyes that the sleep is due. Your brain will react to this signal by converting serotonin, which is the chemical of wakefulness into melatonin, which is the chemical of sleep and this chemical reaction will quickly induce you into deep sleep. This is important process before you embark on lengthier periods of rem sleep.

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  • Improves your dream recall

Many dreamers believe that the stimulation of the optic nerve after being awakened causes chemical changes in the brain which results in immediate loss of dream memories. Good dream recall is essential for inducing lucid dreams, therefore any simple strategy which leads to an improvement in dream memory is worth taking into consideration. Thus, if you are awakening wearing this sleeping mask, then your primary focus will be on recalling your dreams without any chemical signals battling to overwrite them.

  • Triggering lucidity through false awakenings

Lucid dreamers’ experiences more false awakenings than the average person and these are considered to be ideal opportunities to perform reality checks and become lucid. To do this, you can check whether you are wearing a sleep mask when you wake up. Mysteriously, many false awakenings forget to add this detail and therefore you can realize that after wearing your sleep mask, your lucidity will be triggered. However, if you awaken wearing your mask, then connect the act of removing it to a reality check to be completely sure. These habits can trigger many lucid dreams on autopilot.

  • Meditate during daylight

Best sleep masks are of great help while performing quality meditation and wake induced lucid dreams since, the phenomenon is intuitive. Thus, by eliminating visual stimulations, your awareness will be more inwardly focused and will speed up your entry into the dreamy realm of meditation. The advantage of sleep mask is that, the darkness created by it will help you to go back to sleep and eliminate the daylight distractions.


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    Sleep mask help you for better sleep. These are the natural ways to sleep faster. I am using sleep mask for years and I am loving it. It block the light and make comfortable my sleep.

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