How to have first lucid dream, its techniques, and experiences

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Lucid dream is a phenomenon in which the dreamer becomes aware that he is dreaming and can influence or control what happens. To know what is lucid dreaming and how to have your first lucid dream, then this article will help you in answering these questions. This article will also take you through the lucid dreaming techniques and some of the lucid dreaming experiences. There are two types of lucid dreams viz., Dream Initiated Lucid Dreaming (DILD) which occurs when you are in the middle of a dream and quickly realize that you are dreaming and the other is Wake Initiated Lucid Dream (WILD) in which the dreamer can go directly from waking state into lucid dreaming.

Lucid dreaming and the related concepts

Lucid dreaming is believed to have benefits such as increasing creativity and aiding in problem solving. It also provides an opportunity to practice new skills while in a dream state and it can also be used in a therapeutic manner, such as providing a safe venue to face one’s fears and improve confidence through an opportunity of practicing social skills. Therefore, now it might interest you to learn about how to lucid dream?

Best of all it is possible for everyone to learn how to have a lucid dream? An important thing to note is that it is essential to commit to learning this mental skill which means that you must accept working for it. Consider yourself to be very lucky if you start lucid dreaming the first day you start practicing for it. Lucid dreams will basically wake up your mind while you are still asleep. It allows you to access your innermost creative state and be in complete control of it. Almost everyone is able to experience a lucid dream once in their lives but only 20% of them will be able to have them at least once a month. With practice, anyone will be able to experience lucid dreams and have their own lucid dreaming stories every night they go to sleep.

Lucid dream

Lucid dreaming techniques for performing it better

For the beginners, the following are some steps to get you going.

  • Perform reality checks throughout the waking day

While learning lucid dreaming you must be able to spot the difference between a dream and waking reality. Usually you accept everything to be real while you are dreaming and you realize that something was strange only after you wake up. Thus, by integrating reality checks into your working life, you will be able to snap your conscious mind to realizing that you were sleeping.

  • Do regular mindful meditation during day or night

In most of the lucid dream practices, meditation results in mindfulness. For example, Mnemonic Induction of Lucid Dream and Wake Induced Lucid Dream techniques are formed through meditation and these are considered great for improving in-dream skills such as visualization and for prolonging your lucid dreams, it induces focused state of awareness. The link between meditation and lucid dreaming is backed by scientific studies.

The main reason for their interconnection is considered as their involvement in higher states of awareness which optimizes up to 40 Hertz or gamma band. This helps you to become more habitually focused, reflective, and self-aware which in terms of lucid dreaming helps to improve your dream recall as well as visualization skills. In this way, even a simple meditation practiced daily by you will help to achieve profound relaxations and increase chances of having lucid dreams.

lucid dreaming techniques

  • Write at least one dream in your dream journal daily

For a beginner, keeping a dream journal is considered as an important part of lucid dreaming. To start with this, just find a notebook or journal specifically for recording your dreams and always keep it within your arm’s reach of the bed. Always make a note of your dreams with the date mentioned on it and write everything you remember about your dream. To make it descriptive, identify the themes like location, characters, sensations, objects, sounds, etc. Maintaining dream journal will help in improving your awareness of the dream state. These can be considered as some of the lucid dreaming tips.

To start for lucid dreaming, it is important to systematically train your mind. To achieve this, you need to follow certain steps like remembering dreams more vividly, becoming self-aware by observing your reality and finally incubate your desire to recognize when you are awake and when you are dreaming. These can be considered as basic lucid dreaming steps.

Commonly used lucid dream inducer

Dreams herbs are considered as a shortcut to a lucid dream. Red spider lily is considered as the most reliable dream herb for inducing lucid dreams. It’s active ingredient galantamine is known for inducing wild lucid dreaming and they are miles apart from your regular dreams. Red spider lily may lead you to your first lucid dream because it’s realism will majorly trigger you to recognize you that you are dreaming as it stirs your conscious brain and creates instant lucidity. Thus, red spider lily can be considered as an easiest way to lucid dream.

lucid dream inducer

Lucid dreaming experiences

While dreaming, when you realize that you are dreaming, then it is important that you stabilize your lucid dream using few techniques as follows.

  • Study the details of your palms and notice changes if any
  • Feel the friction of rubbing your hands
  • Scream or shout few word like “I am dreaming” or “Clarity now”
  • Feel the sensation of movement by spinning around

After stabilizing yourself, it is important to stay calm and explore the environment around you. As a general lucid dreaming instructions, don’t try to do anything too fancy too soon like teleporting to the moon. It will prove to be too exciting and may cause you wake up from your lucid dream. Initially, start your lucid dreams by just walking or floating around, feel the environment by touching the nearby objects and soak up the atmosphere. This will help you to stay in your first lucid dream for a longer duration and make your lucid dreaming journey amazing.


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