Dream interpretation, their meaning, & basics of dream analysis

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People have been pondering on the meaning of dreams for centuries. The earlier civilizations thought dreams as a medium between earthly world and that of the god. This article explains the phenomenon of dream and how to interpret the meaning of various types of dreams. Also, this article will introduce you to the basics of dream analysis.

What is a dream?

During the end of the nineteenth there were some widely-known modern theories of dreaming put forth by two scientists viz., Sigmund Carl, an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis, and Carl Jung, a Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst. Freud’s theory was concentrated around the notion of repressed longing and came up with the conclusion that dreaming allows us to sort through unresolved and repressed wishes whereas Carl Jung who studied under the guidance of Freud believed that dreams had psychological importance.

There are many definitions of dream which were proposed along with the study on it. One of the generally accepted definition of dream states that, dream is a succession of various components like images, ideas, emotions, and sensations which occur involuntarily in the mind during the stages of sleep. One can interpret the meaning of dreams to change the core beliefs, relationships, hopes and fears. It is generally conceived that the more importance you give to your dreams, the more you will remember and easier it will be for you to interpret your dreams.


How to interpret dreams

Identifying important dream symbols and translating their true meaning in dreams, form the basis of dream interpretation. In dreams, your unconscious mind shows you how it perceives the world in the conceptual form. It also shows you the fear and desires, but not in the manner as you would expect to see them. Dream interpretation is considered as a result of subjective ideas and experiences. In a study, it was found that most people believe that their dreams reveal meaningful hidden truths. In the paper of Morewedge and Norton, it was found that people attribute more importance to dream content rather than similar thought content which occurs while we are awake.

While you are dreaming, the unconscious mind takes over and it is like an inner child which thinks in primitive feelings and urges. Unconscious mind doesn’t use logic and will not be able to plan like the conscious brain. This is the reason that most of the dreams of ours are so weird. The unconscious mind makes all kinds of strange connections and most of these connections don’t make any sense to the brain. But you can interpret these connections and apply their resulting insights in day to day life. Thus, dream analysis can help you in easily interpreting their different types.

Lucid dreaming as an associated phenomenon

Lucid dreaming is the conscious perception of one’s state while dreaming, in which the dreamers have some degree of control over their own actions within the dream and even the characters and environment of the dream. Dream control is reported to improve with the practice of lucid dreaming, but the ability to control the aspects of the dream is not necessary for a dream to qualify as lucid. Therefore, lucid dreaming is defined as any dream in which the dreamer knows that they are dreaming.

Dreams and their meanings

Usually flying dreams represent your personal sense of power over yourself or over a certain situation. Therefore, it becomes important to interpret the meaning of dreams. In your dream, if you are soaring up high and at the same time enjoying the landscape below, then it is likely that you are state of full control of your life. But, if you are faltering or falling, then your unconscious mind is trying to tell you that you lack control or you are vulnerable in life. In case you are having recurring flying dreams then try to identify what is the root cause of your fear or what are you afraid of? Is there anything you want to control in your life or is someone making you feel worthless or vulnerable?

dream interpretation

If you are seeing animals in your dreams, then it represents the part of your psyche which feels connected to nature and survival and being chased by a predator represents that you are holding back your repressed emotions of fear and aggression. If you see babies in your dreams then it signifies that you have a literal desire to produce offspring or can also signify that you need to feel loved. If you see clothes in your dreams, then it signifies how you want the people to perceive you. Change of clothes signifies change in the lifestyle. Death of a friend or loved one in dreams represents change which should not be considered as a psychic prediction of any kind. Falling which is a common dream symbol, relates to anxiety about letting go or losing control or someone failing after a success.

Introduction to dream dictionary

You are having a unique understanding of the world around you and as you grow up your unconscious mind learns about feelings such as friendship, love, loneliness, anger, trust, betrayal, etc. Your unconscious mind makes rules for everyone’s emotions and how you should feel about life. These rules which only belongs to you are reflected in your dreams each night. Therefore, it is important that you don’t solely rely on dream dictionaries since, there is no other way in which your mind can confirm to all the dream rules. However, at the same time it is important to note that dream dictionaries can provide some value, since we all have grown up in the same culture and the same era. Therefore, it should be perceived as a surprise or a coincidence if we make same conclusions about life.


This is all about interpretation of dreams. Please feel free to post your comment related to this article in the comment box below.

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